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Re: adjectives, ???

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Ed wrote:

> Question ?
> 	Does this mean that if there is a syntactic marker (noun type 5), then
> only -qu may be use, and if there is not a syntactic marker, then any of
> the other verb suffixes may be used ?
> 	choS wewDaq nuHIvpu' tera'nganpu' maw'ba'. 
> 	the obviously crazy Earthlings they attacked us in the glow of
> twilight. 
> 	adjectives, maw'ba' & wewDaq

I'm no grammarian, but this just jumped right out at me: {wew} is a
transitive verb meaning "glow". I don't think you can use a transitive
verb adjectivally. What you're looking for is a gerund: the twilight's
"glowing". Or, you could recast it this way:

	wewDI' choS nuHIvpu' tera'nganpu' mawba'

	"When twilight glow(ed) the obviously crazy Terrans attacked us."


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