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Re: {nuqneH} and Paramount

ghitlh Voragh:

>Well, at least the Paramount writers are looking at TKD, even if they don't
>bother to learn the niceties of usage.

Good thing it's not surgery or physics. We'd have all been killed by now.

Brief rant...

We should notify Paramount that Klingon should be treated like French or
Chinese. If an obviously Chinese character came on doing Chinese-sounding
noises, the Asian population would be in outrage. Perhaps they think that
since there are no real Klingons, no one can be offended. The professional
and amateur linguists on this list surely are, to some degree.

The other camp, which will remain nameless, which sees the language as a
plaything rather than a true language probably don't care. That's fine. But
do we? Maybe I'm alone in this...


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