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RE: Becoming BG

> Just out of curiousity, how exactly does one become Beginner's
> Grammarian?

The position of GB has traditionally been appointed by one of the official
list grammarians, either captain Krankor or Seqram (~mark).  (Although,
since neither are active on the list anymore, the next BG will likely be
decided by the remaining ex-BG's.)  There's no real "official" procedure.
Usually there's a request posted to the list, asking for people who might be
interested in the job to write privately to indicate their interest.  The
new BG is then appointed from those who indicated interest.  (It doesn't
always work this way; sometimes there's a member of the list who is clearly
ready for the job, and that person gets asked by the grammarians.)

It is not necessary to be an expert at Klingon to become the BG.  It is
necessary to have a good grasp of the basics, to be able to read other's
posts for errors, and have the ability to explain the grammar clearly.
Being the BG is as much a learning experience for the BG as it is the
beginners who post to KLBC.  The other grammarians on the list will watch,
expecially while the BG is new, to make sure the BG is giving accurate

Another requirement is a demonstrated commitment to the list.  Being BG can
be very demanding, and if you read the list once a week or in digest mode,
you're probably not here often enough to handle the job.

For anyone who may be interested in becoming a BG, the best advice I can
give is to post to the list in clear, well-written Klingon.  Post often.
Get involved.  Demonstrate your interest through your expression and
participation.  Don't wait for the current BG to step down before getting
involved.  I believe Qov even started responding to KLBC posts before she
became BG, not to send to the list, just for her own personal practice

-- Holtej 'utlh

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