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Re: {nuqneH} and Paramount

On 3 Apr 99, at 7:30, Neal Schermerhorn wrote:

> We should notify Paramount that Klingon should be treated like French or
> Chinese. If an obviously Chinese character came on doing Chinese-sounding
> noises, the Asian population would be in outrage. Perhaps they think that
> since there are no real Klingons, no one can be offended. The professional
> and amateur linguists on this list surely are, to some degree.

It isn't simply that Paramount is not worried about offending people 
(they aren't), but they also view the Klingon language as *their* 
intellectual property, to do with as they please.  And, having paid 
Marc Okrand for his work relative to a copyright which they hold, 
they are legally correct.
(vuDmeywIjvaD jIngoy' jiH'e')

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