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{neH} again (Re: An offer you shouldn't refuse)

Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
> >From: "Kenneth Traft" <[email protected]>
> >tlhIngan  wo'Daq  patlh  Degh  chu'  'oH  <<meppatlh(tm)>>'e'.
> >SuqlaH  neH  tera'nganpu'!   wo'Daq  Dotlh'a'  Dachavbej  DaneHchugh   vaj
> Woops.  This is that "only" problem we're running around trying to work out
> again, isn't it?  I think that no matter what we wind up saying, "SuqlaH
> neH tera'nganpu'" is not right.  It means "Terrans merely can get it."  If
> anything, it's "SuqlaH tera'nganpu' neH".  'Iwvan, my head's so turned with
> this, what do you think?

That's just it.  {luSuqlaH neH tera'nganpu'} (note prefix): `Terrans
can get it (but can't sell it)'.  {luSuqlaH tera'nganpu' neH} `only
(but not Ferengi) can get it'.  <thinks:  having English as one's native
language must be a fearful curse if it makes it hard for one to get such
simple things right>

> >***  tlhIngan  wo'Daq  <<meppatlh(tm)>>'e'  neH  Dalo'laH!
> This sounds like "You can use only meppatlh in the Klingon Empire."
> Shouldn't the neH follow "wo'Daq" to mean "only in the Empire"?

It should.


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