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Re: The Finished stone?????

Alan A. writes:

>>I like {rIn} because the object has been accomplished, thus: the stone
>>someone has finished.
>Actually, I see this the other way around.  {rIn} doesn't look like a
>transitive verb to me; I'm not comfortable with it having an object.
>>While in {ta'} I get: the stone which someone is finishing.
>I don't see anything in {ta'} that implies an ongoing process,
> but this is
>a clue to a missing meaning in David's translations -- they ought to have
>the "accomplished" aspect.

Hmm...I'm not quite sure I see what you mean.  With {rIn}  (finished), I can
see that the stone is definetly finished.  With {ta'} (accomplish) I see it
as the stone is being accomplished.  If you're going to use {ta'}, I think it
would look better as {nagh ta'lu'ta'bogh} that way I see the stone has been


-Thiago Miranda

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