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Okrand's new book

	Greetings Warriors.  does anyone have any info on Okrand's
upcoming book entitled "The Klingon Book of Virtues"?  I work in a book
store and saw it on the list to be released in April.  If nobody 
has heard of it, I guess this could be construed as an announcement.
	All I know is that it is (supposedly) coming out in April,
though these things tend to be pushed back, especially the good stuff.
It is also written by the esteemed Marc Okrand, though I haven't
the foggiest idea what it is about.  Maybe about tlhingan culture?
Hopefully it will have a large section on mu'qaDveS!!!!  Gee, I
*love* mu'qaDveS...
	SunajtaHvIS QeyliS boghomjaj.

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