tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Tue Oct 25 18:45:41 1994

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jabbI'ID wa'DIch

vIghojqu' vIneH.  jabbI'IDvam yItI'.                                            
Whew!  I got that done!   Hi there!  I've been subscribed to this list for      
a few weeks now, but I've been far too busy to speak up.  Now I've managed      
to study a my tlhIngan Hol al little, and I think it's time I became social.    
I'm looking forward to being able to speak tlhIngan Hol well.  I am not a       
member of the KLI, although from what I've read so far, I think I want to       
be.  Please, enlighten me!                                                      
            David Trimboli                                                      
P.S.: How'd I do?                                                               

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