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Re: KBLC - RE: Help please

> Ohhh... this is tricky.  Part of what confused me was your law'/pus with <nuq> 
> in both the noun slots.  I would have said <nuq qaq law' Hoch qaq puS>, "What 
> is the most preferable?"  (using your change from <QaQ> to <qaq>).  Reversing 

Yeah, you use the superlative. I am not so sure about that. What is the most
preferable really doesn't fit my ear when you compare two things. But it is
probably cleaner than my version, I see why use it. But I would like to know
is my sentence grammatical? (nuq qaq law' nuq qaq puS) Can it be done, I mean
two {nuq}s in one sentence?

> When I can think of a good way to explain verb prefixes, I will post an 
> explaination on them.  It seems many people are getting them confused.  Look 
> for it by this weekend.

Umm, I doubt there is really anything to explain. They need to be memorised
and one should concentrate on the absence/person/plurality of the object
and not write automatically as some of us are likely to do. That's all.
No explaining necessary. I know perfectly well that I say
jISop. qagh vISop. qagh DaSop DaneH'a' je? HIja', yISop! bISopchugh bIghungHa'.
But sometimes I just don't pay enough attention to the prefix. Qu'vatlh! {{:^(

> --Hod trI'Qal

	reH jaghlI'pu' Dajonjaj!

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