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Re: KBLC - RE: Help pl


>Right. I often mess up the prefixes.
>Besides, in the last sentence it should be QaQ vay', not the other way around.
>The translation should be
>Amy, thank you very much. I did not remember the word "qaq". I like it.
>KoSneH, I disagree with you.
>I just measured (compared) what is better.
>I certainly did not say that something is good.

Ohhh... this is tricky.  Part of what confused me was your law'/pus with <nuq> 
in both the noun slots.  I would have said <nuq qaq law' Hoch qaq puS>, "What 
is the most preferable?"  (using your change from <QaQ> to <qaq>).  Reversing 
the  <vay'> and the <QaQ> makes the sentence make sense, now. {{:)

When I can think of a good way to explain verb prefixes, I will post an 
explaination on them.  It seems many people are getting them confused.  Look 
for it by this weekend.

--Hod trI'Qal

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