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Re: KLBC: jIbuDlaHbe'bej

>vIrInDI', poH vIghaj
>When it is complete, I should have more time
>I don't really like the way line three is worded, but I couldn't think of a 
>way around it.  I realize that possession of time is not correct, but but 
>how should one express that concept.

You could try {rInDI' jIHvaD yap poH}. You were right in thinking that
possession of time is an Anglicism not found in some other languages.

>pongvaD <Do'val> vIwIv
>pongvaD <Do'val> vIwIv
>I also do not like the last line.  I think the way I wrote it is wrong, 
>that I might use apposition or something to express the relationship 
>between name and Do'val.

It is not wrong, but just a little odd. This is difficult to express in
Klingon anyways. Perhaps it could be {<Do'val> 'oH pongwIj'e' 'e' vIwIv}. Or
{<Do'val> jIpong'egh 'e' vIwIv}.

Using {pong} as a verb might not be such a good idea for Beginners, since not
even the HotShots of the list understand its double-object nature. Viz.,
we're not sure how to say "The emperor calls the officer 'yIntagh'". It might
be {<yIntagh> 'utlh pong voDleH} or maybe {'utlhvaD <yIntagh> pong voDleH}.
Frankly, we don't know yet.

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos

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