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Re: Trekkie Pizza, quotha

        Reply to:   RE>Trekkie Pizza, quotha

ghItlh Nick:

[Article about Pizza Hut commercial deleted]

>	"Klingon can now be studied as a language at some
>	American universities. The ad ends with 'kroar bratek
>	slucks' which in Klingon means 'For a Star Trek Next
>	Generation Cup' and the catchphrase 'Hit the Hut'
>	translates as 'ritke bech plic'."

What is this Qu'vatlh supposed to be?  (excuse my French, but this really
pushes my buttons!)

>[I only report these things. Kroar Bratek Slucks, quotha. Burn, Paramount,
>Burn! quoth I...

I agree!  It amazes me that there are quite a few people around the
WORLD who are at least HALF decent at writing/speaking Klingon, but
Paramount doesn't have the bIngqogh to pick up the phone?  How


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