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Re: KBLC- jIbeplaw

*** BEGINNER ***

Subject: Re: KBLC-  jIbeplaw

=> >	mu'tlheghmeywIj jImugh bolegh, bIheghbogh.
=> ... I am going to ask qor to attempt to re-translate this in 
=> response to this post, either to the list, ... 
	mu'tlheghwIj vImughQo'bogh vImugh 'e' Dalegh

jIQeHegh 'ach jImulqu'!
tlhIngan Hol vIghojbejtaH.
wot moHaqmey vIHaDtaH.


---------------- Translations ---------------------------

You see that I translate my sentences, which I refuse to translate.
I am angry at myself,  but I am very stubborn.
I obviously need practice.
I am undoubtedly continuing to learn Klingon.
I will continue to make mistakes.
Will you continue to help me?
I will continue to study verb prefixes.

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