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Re: KLBC: juHqo' (Hoghvam)

ghItlh trI'Qal:
>('ej "Ohio"Daq bIyInnIStaHqu'chugh, vaj qavupqu'bej!)

[Ohio]Daq jIyIntaH je jIH
[Indiana]vo' wej ben mapaw
pIj mu'ItmoH muDDotlh
qaStaHvIS bovbIr moHqu' muDDotlh jay'
peDpu'DI' chIjlaHchu'be' Hoch Duj
chuchDaq chaq paw'chuq Duj
qaStaHvIS bovtuj muDDotlh vImaS jIH
'ach naDev tujchoHDI' qay' ghew law'
[Ohio]Daq nuQwI' law' cherghnISlu'bej

Ah-oooo-gah!  Ah-oooo-gah! Translation coming in! Prepare for impact!


[email protected]#$%^&*(here it is)*&^%$#@!

I understand.
I also live in Ohio.
We arrived three years ago from Indiana.
The weather often depresses me.
While winter occurs, the weather is so @#$%^&*! ugly.
After it has snowed, everyone's ship (car) cannot navigate perfectly.
On ice, ships (cars) might crash into each other.
While summer occurs, I prefer the weather.
But as soon as it gets hot here, the many bugs are a problem.
In Ohio, many annoyances must certainly be tolerated.

*Note: {muDDotlh} is a compound for "weather" coined by Okrand in HolQeD 2:4.
Also, {bovbIr] for "winter" and {bovtuj} for "summer" are not canonical, but
you get the idea. At least they're legitimate compounds, I think. In my line
of thinking, a compound is any two words used so often right next to one
another that they just fuse into one. This would go for possessives or
Noun+Adjectival constructions. Some exceptions are {puqbe'} for "daughter",
{HoSghaj} for "be powerful" and {mongDech} for "collar".

Remember, compounds can be a very useful tool in any language, but make sure
if you coin one, that its meaning will be clear to the reader(s).

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos, talking to the Beginners, until they get the
hang of it, like I did, a loooooooooooooong time ago.

It'll happen quicker than you think. If you stick to it.

Ok, I REALLY done now.

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos, signing off---*

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