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Re: KLBC: Passing Time



>I know what I was thinking...  "tlhIngan Hol".  I realize this is "the
>language of the Klingon", and that works okay.  Somehow I ended up throwing
>mu' in front of tlhIngan to get what I thought was going to end up with
>"the word of the Klingon"...  How WOULD you say "Klingon word"?  Can
>you daisy-chain noun-noun constructions?  For instance "tlhIngan Hol mu'"
>(the word of the language of the Klingons?)  Acutally, I guess maybe
>"tlhIngan mu'" is good enough?  I just got confused.  Oh well.  It

Yes, you can daisy-chain them.  <tlhIngan Hol mu'> is "Word of the language of 
the Klingons".  Or you could just say <tlhIngan mu'>, "word of the Klingons", 
and you would be understood.

>Qapla' vIchavbe'pu'...  :(

'ach pupqu' mu'tlheghlIj pab!


But the grammar of your sentence is perfect!

--HoD trI'Qal

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