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Re: KLBC: Passing Time


>I agree that I probably should have said De'wI'meymaj instead; but remember
>that the plural suffixes are often optional; they are not required (but aren't
>wrong if you use them anyway).

Right.  Which is why I said there was nothing wrong with your translation; I 
altered it slightly in my reply because of my personal preference.  I 
understood completely what you were saying.

>As for the derivation of De'wI'...  There IS a mu' tlhIngan "De'"...  "De'"
>is a noun, and means data, or information.  De'wI' is not a standard
>construction, but the connection is pretty obvious...

Um, yes and no.  We really cannot "go backwards" like that... or at least, it 
isn't the policies of this list to do so.  It would be nice to have a verb 
<De'>, "to compute", but we don't have it.  For all we know, this is an 
archaic construct of some sort.  If you want to discuss this further, it would 
be best to take it off the KLBC topic, because it is really past that. {{:)

--HoD trI'Qal

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