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KLI Request

A request from the Director of the KLI:

Hi folks.

As you probably know, for many and varied reasons, the KLI has been persuing
nonprofit tax-exempt status.  Part of this has been because we'd grown too
big for me to explain to the tax people that it was just a "club", part of
this was to establish legitimacy for the hard effort put in by so many
members on the journal and our sponsored projects, part of this was to create
a paper trail and evidence of existence shold the Powers That Be at Paramount
suddenly decide they want us to cease and desist.

The good news is, we have nonprofit status.  The KLI is now (and has been for
a few months) a nonprofit corporation in the state of Pennsylvania.  Thanks
for this go in large part to some third year law students in the small
business legal clinic at Penn (who thought this was the coolest case since
sliced bread!).  Our tax-exempt status is still pending approval from the
folks at the IRS.  When it comes through the major effect will be on freeing
us from paying sales tax on goods and services (like printing HolQeD), and
make us eligible for nonprofit postage rates (our second biggest expense).

Now, here's the request.  (Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you for money. 
Besides, we don't have the tax exempt status yet, so you couldn't even claim
it as a deduction.)  

The next time you go to a convention, go to the dealers' room and ask several
dealers if they carry HolQeD.  If they don't even know what it is, explain it
to them.  Tell them you came to the convention hoping to buy backissues of
the journal of the Klingon Language Institute.  With luck and continued
pestering, maybe they'll start carrying the journal.  Basically, the KLI
needs to acquire some new distrubutors, dealers who are going to the
conventions all around the country (and in other nations too!) who are
selling things like TKD and CK and PK.  If they were carrying HolQeD they'd
be spreading word about the KLI everywhere they went to.  Remember, with more
than 250,000 copies of TKD in print, there are a lot of people with at least
a passing interest in Klingon, most of whom don't have the background or
perseverance to make all that much sense of TKD on the first reading.  These
people need the KLI, and they don't even know we exist!  You can help.  By
creating a demand that dealers will respond to, copies of HolQeD will attain
wider circulation and greater exposure.

And if you've had an article or letter printed in HolQeD, think of your rise
in celebrity status!  ;)

Okay, do we have a deal?

Thanks for reading this, and my apologies for using up your bandwidth.



:: Dr Lawrence M Schoen, Director   ::
:: The Klingon Language Institute   ::
:: POB 634, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA ::


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