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ghItlh Qanqor:
>(1) "ramvam" is my chosen way of saying "tonight".  There are other
>possibilities.  For instance, one could follow the example of DaHjaj
>("today") and make it DaHram.  Or, one could adopt a more
>descriptive and conservative approach and do DaHjaj ram.  However,
>I've been using ramvam since well before the newer version of the
>dictionary gave us DaHjaj, so I continue to use it.
 I'd just like to point out one minor notation that many people on the list
seem to misunderstand.

{jaj} is a word that means "day (from dawn to dawn)". But some people think
it means the opposite of {ram}. In reality, {ram} is just the dark half of
{jaj}, while _{pem}_ is probably the word you would want when talking about
the light period of time between one {ram} and the next.

{pem} + {ram} = {jaj}

{DaHjaj} means either "today (while it's still light outside)" OR "tonight
(the dark time after this light period)". Using {ram} after the {DaHjaj} just
emphasizes the fact that you are talking about the dark period of time.

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos

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