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>From: [email protected]
>Date: Wed, 16 Mar 94 12:26:23 -0800

>Is it possible to say, "porgh rIgh qaq law', yab qal qaq puS"
>thus using (noun + adjective)s in a law'/puS construction?
>Is it possible to have more than one adjectival verb on a noun?

You may have two questions here, really.  Krankor's opinion on the law'puS
construction is that it's just plain weird and doesn't fit into the pattern
of the rest of the Klingon language and has to be considered on its own.
This makes a certain amount of sense as its word-order seems weird, etc.
>From this perspective, the "qaq" in your law'/puS construction isn't
adjectivally modifying "porgh", but rather is part of the magical syntax
and so it's perfectly fine to use it.

Well, then *can* you use two or more adjectival verbs on the same noun?
This question has come up once or twice before here, though there was
surprisingly little debate for this forum.  Last I recall, people were
generally in favor of it.  It makes a lot of sense to me, sort of taking
"N V" as a noun phrase and adding another adjectival verb after it.  I
would accept something like "Duj tIn SuD" for "large green ship".  I recall
that Krankor also supports it, if you'll trust my demonstrably faulty



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