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Re: Help, please

On Tue 15 Mar 94 23:41, Captain Krankor writes:

>There is actually exactly ONE canonical use of law'/puS (at least,
>to my knowledge), and it is the one someone (Amy, I think), brought
>up, but I'm not sure the quote is accurate.  I had wanted to
>mention it myself but I haven't had the time to pull my tape and
>double check, but I'm pretty sure it is closer to:

>QamtaHvIS Hegh qaq law' tortaHvIS yIn qaq puS

>"Better to die on our feet than live on our knees"

>The original contained a couple errors.  The final q in the second
>qaq is unpronounced (almost sounds like yInqa' puS, but that
>wouldn't make sense). I also seem to recall they blow at least one
>of the manditory -taH's to go with the -vIS.  I think he actually
>said torvIS.

Well, I've been motivated enough to copy the audio from that scene
to cassette so I can keep replaying it without mutilating my
video.. I must admit I didn't listen to it enough before when
coming up with my version of the line -- I only put down what I
thought it might be.  The above transcription looks right, but
there really is no -taH suffixes in there at all!

It sounds like, "QamvIS Hegh qaq law' torvIS yIn qa(q) puS".


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