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BEGINNER: ramvam


ramvam(1) jupwI' juHDaq jIghoS.
ghoS je jupma' law'.  (2)
"poker" wIQuj.
reH Qujvam vItIv.
Huch law' vInge' 'e' vItul!

wa' Hu' ram "Boston"Daq pawpu' jupwI' ngo'.
pongDaj 'oH "Erik"'e'.
"California"vo' lengta'.
naDev ghaHmo' jIQuchqu'.
pIj vIleghbe'.
qaStaHvIS wa' jarHey SuchtaH.

ramvam "poker" Quj muv.

        --HoD Qanqor


(1) "ramvam" is my chosen way of saying "tonight".  There are other
possibilities.  For instance, one could follow the example of DaHjaj
("today") and make it DaHram.  Or, one could adopt a more
descriptive and conservative approach and do DaHjaj ram.  However,
I've been using ramvam since well before the newer version of the
dictionary gave us DaHjaj, so I continue to use it.

(2) For this use of je, check out section 5.3, page 55.

I am not providing translation, but if anyone wants, they can send
me what they got for a translation and I'll tell them if they're
right.  Please interleave the original Klingon with your
translation.  Again, my address is:  [email protected]

        --Captain Krankor

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