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Re: Infinitives and STVI?

>>Also from ST6, when the Klingons were leading the prisoners down into the
>>mines of Rura Penthe, they kept saying {yIghoStaH}. Any ideas why it wasn't
>>{peghoStaH}, since there were obviously several humanoids being addressed.
>>Unless of course {yIghoStaH} was intended to have an object here, but that
>>seems unlikely. Maybe just colloquial.
>>Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos
>I think that would depend on the context; if there was one prisoner slowing
>down, if they were to poke him and say "peghoStaH", they'd be wrong (they're
>only addressing on person)...


I'd have to go back and watch again, but this matches my memory of
the scene.  My take was that they were prodding individual


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