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Re: Help please

jatlh KoSneH:
>> porgh lI'be' QaQ law' yab qal QaQ puS
>> 	(Can I do lI'be' useless adjectivally? Can adjectival verbs take be'?
>> 	If not, then lI'be'bogh porgh)
>I appreciate the responses I've seen so far, really; I do.  But the above
>translation is *exactly* the kind of thing that *completely* loses the
>meaning of the original idiom.  To translate "Better to be crippled in body
>than corrupt in mind" as "A useless body is more good; a corrupt mind is 
>less good" is to minimalize the statement.  The point is that *niether* of
>these states of being is desirable, but that, if these are the only two choices
>,*then and only then* is one better than the other.

jatlh Amy:
>Topic Goranvo':
> > Heghta'ghach QaQ law' toy'taHghach'a' QaQ puS.
> >  (death is better than slavery)
> >  (I hate those -ghach-es. Anybody know a better way out?
> > I'd love to hear it)
>I think in this case, you should use {qaq} "be preferable" (v)
>as in, "I would prefer death over slavery".
>There was a line similar to this in STVI.  In fact, it says
>the same thing.  The spoken line was:
>"qamDu'majDaq Hegh qaq law' qIvDu'majDaq yIn qaq puS"
>and was subtitled with, "It's better to die on our feet than live on
>our knees."

Amy qatlho'qu'neS. mu' "qaq" vIqawbe'pu'. vIparHa'.

KoSneH qaQoch.
nuq QaQ law' nuq QaQ puS 'e' vIjuv neH.
vay' QaQ 'e' jIjatlhbe'bej.

choQochchugh nIDechDI' yIH jIbaHQo'. {{:^)

	Qapla' qoranvo'

ghItlh 'o'Daq:
	"Goran" 'oH pongwIj wa'DIch'e', 'ej "Topic" 'oH pong chaDIch'e'.
	Qaghpu' De'wI'wIj pIn.
        naDev pongmey ghItlh vay' 'o'vo', 'ach lugh "Goran Topic".

	qoran HIpong. tlhInganna' pong 'oH. {{:^)

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