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Re: Infinitives and STVI?

>one sentence).  "neH" is anomolous in that you don't use "'e'" with it, so
>instead of "*vImugh 'e' vIneH" for "I want that I translate it", it's just
>"vImugh vIneH".  Why?  Because that's how it is.  Eat your qagh before it
>dies.  It's irregular that way.  It's not that you can create infinitives
>by putting the verb before the main verb.  It's using sentences as >objects.

"Eat your qagh before it dies."
{Heghpa' qaghlIj yISop}
majQa'  vIparHa'qu'
Dun mu'tlhegh

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos

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