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Re: Infinitives and STVI?

>But I'm glad you brought this up.  Yes, I believe it was "rIn" he was
>saying.  This would be like saying "over" in English.
>I noticed something else that ties in with that scene:
>I was listening to PK the other day and wondered what the heck that
>"regional dialect" stuff was all about.  Then I recalled what the
>Klingon in that scene you mentioned had said, and it sounds a lot
>like Okrand's example of regional dialect!  He said something like
>"Dujvetz o nuq, rIn" (with no 'e' suffix on the nuq) instead of
>"Dujvetlh 'oH nuq 'e', rIn".  Now I wonder if this was deliberate for
>that particular character, or is Okrand just trying to explain some
>really bad pronunciation?
Also from ST6, when the Klingons were leading the prisoners down into the
mines of Rura Penthe, they kept saying {yIghoStaH}. Any ideas why it wasn't
{peghoStaH}, since there were obviously several humanoids being addressed.
Unless of course {yIghoStaH} was intended to have an object here, but that
seems unlikely. Maybe just colloquial.

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