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Re: KBLC- Training/Teaching

        Reply to:   RE>KBLC:  Training/Teaching


I have to appologize greatly in advance.  I don't want to slam anyone,
especially when they are agreeing with my position, but, I HAVE to
comment on this (I've been ignoring this too long).

> Not having a translation available does help the learning process, but I

Currently finishing up my Master's in Instructional Technology (and
[cross your fingers] starting on my Doctorate), this statement, as well
as others I've heard like it, sends very cold shutters down my spine.

I understand our tendancy to try and generalize, but when I read this the
scientist in me wants to jump out and say... "Okay, sounds good!  What
DATA, what FACTS, do you have to back this up?"  Is the speculative or
empirical data?

Just recently I finished a learner analysis for the self-instructional
course that I'm developing.  From this analysis I can make some
scientific conclusions.  I did not make generalizations based on what
I thought was right and wrong (at least not in the major areas ;).

All I'm trying to point out is, we all learn DIFFERENTLY because we are
different people.  You really need to balance every learner's needs in
the equation.  I want the translations right next to the thlIngan Hol
because that's the best way *I* learn.  qor doesn't want the translations
at all because that's the best way *he* learns.  We compromised, we
put the translations far enough away from the tlhIngan Hol that we are
both satisfied.

Anyway, I don't want to get into specific and eat up bandwidth (which
I'm already doing).  I am MORE than willing to help put together a study
on how to effectively teach tlhIngan Hol in this forum.  Otherwise,
please (please please?) don't make these generalized statements without
backup of data... (please please)?

Oh... and PLEASE, rip me apart to my private E-mail... I don't want to
fill up the list with a bunch of flames and bad language (especially when
it's directed at me)...

Thanks for your attention...



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