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Re: KLBC: Hoghvam

>                     maja'chuqmeH Hol wIlo'
> charghwI'

     Reading my own post, I realize that this may not reflect the original
meaning. That is when I recognize the crux of the problem. In English,
"discuss" is potentially transitive with the topic of discussion being the
object. In Klingon, {ja'chuq} is inherantly intransitive. Usually, we use
{-moH} to make intransitive verbs transitive. Here, it doesn't make sense

                         maja'chuqmoH Hol

     Heh, heh. I like it. Kinda twists the brain a little, but I think it
works. What think you?

     For those wanting a hint at what I'm getting at, the topic is the thing
that causes us to discuss, right? It becomes the SUBJECT of the causation
aspect of the verb and we become the subject of the verb itself.

     In general, I think this whole {-moH} business could use a little more
clarification. It essentially introduces a second verb and in the examples
I've seen in canon, it becomes confusing to recognize which suffixes wind up
applying themselves to the action of the verb or the causation aspect of it,
much as here we have confusion over who is the subject of what.

     What I'm TRYING to say is, I'm confused.



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