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mu'mey tunob Satlhob

Greetings to the Klingon Language List.  I'm Bill Willmerdinger, and I have
the dubious honor of being the originator of the tagline list that David
Barron cross-posted from the Fidonet KLINGON echo.  I claim only partial
responsibility, though:  much of that list of taglines was stolen.  (I'm
working on revising it now).

yI'Ij!  "Phone message" Bill Willmerdinger jatlhchu'pu' Uucp
 Uu> From: ur-valhalla!!awest (Amy West)

 Uu> This reminds me of the word for "light".  We have words for
 Uu> "twilight", "moonlight" which are nouns, but no simple noun for
 Uu> "light" as in what comes from a lamp. There is only the verb, "wov".
 Uu> I see something of a pattern here.

I still need words or phrases to let me express "thunder" or "thunderbolts",
and "lightning".  Every suggestion put to me has so far been based on
interpreting "jev (storm)" as weather - but my instincts tell me that it's a
military term, especially as it is a verb and not a noun.  If anyone could
give me a good suggestion, I'd be very grateful.


[email protected]

... reH tlhInganpu' taHjaj

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