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Re: KBLC: jIbeplaw

>From: Al Goodnis <[email protected]>
>Date: Fri, 11 Mar 94 13:31:27 EST
>Subject: Re: KBLC:  jIbeplaw
>	What I was attempting to lament about is that having the answers on the
>same page on the print outs I bring home,  destroys my learning.  I disagree
>with the "I know how to use a dictionary" argument.  If you get sick of flippin
>pages, LEARN the words.  This would *help* you learn them,  as you would stop
>flipping pages as you LEARNED the language.

Hmm...  This makes me wonder...  How is everyone else learning / has learned

Right now, I think the most effectively technique (for me) I've come across
is a "phrase of the week".  I come up with a good phrase, make sure I've
worked it out all correctly, and then say it to just about everyone I
come across.  Of course, no one else knows Klingon, so they just stare at
me, but it keeps the material fresh in my mind.  From remembering these
memorized phrases, I've been able to remember a handful of suffixes, verbs,
and sentence structure things...  And that's just because I've memorized the

jIvum vIneHbe'mo' qajatlh
tugh Qapla' Dachvajjaj

and somehow I've managed to remember what ghaj means...  :)


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