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Re: KLBC: Complex Sentence


>AAAAGH!  TYPO!  Argh!  And SO close to perfection...  :)  Thank you for the
>compliment...  I thought it came out pretty well also, though I'm not sure
>I could put that together in my head even if I DID know Klingon...  :)

tlhIngan Hol DaghojlI'ba'.
'ej nom bIDublaw'.

>tugh Qapla' Dachavjaj


I translated your parting line as "May you achieve success soon."  I liked the
way you translated this, and it was done correctly too.  bIDubbejqu'lI'!



You are obviously learning Klingon.
And you seem to be improving quickly.
Very good!

You suceeded *again*!
Well done!

You are *certainly* in the process of improving!

--HoD trI'Qal

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