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Re: How to speak of existence?

On Mar 10,  9:58pm, "...Paul" wrote:
> Subject: How to speak of existence?

     The main answer is "don't". There is almost always a way to sidestep the
concept of existence if you personalize your message. Instead of trying to
generalize as we so commonly do in English (but not in E-Prime, where the
verb "to be" is not used), you instead speak of what you personally perceive.
> I was just listening to some Billy Idol (off his Cyberpunk CD), and there
> was a chorus that simply said "No Religion" over and over again, and I
> thought, "I'm bored, what is it in Klingon?".  Religion is easy:  lalDan.
> But how to communicate "the nonexistence of"?

> ...Paul

     Instead of saying "No religion exists," why not say, "I believe no
religions," or "I find no religions," or such. I'll leave the particular verb
choice to you.

> PS>  If you're going to go into a large discussion with this question,
> please
> put ADV: in the title; I was just wondering if I'm missing something, or if
> there is a way to work around it.  I'm not "good enough" to follow an
> argument...

     Did I satisfy your criterion?


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