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Re: Qaghqoq

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>charghwIvo' GuidovaD:

>                   pabwIj qabqu'qu'be' 'e' vISov...{{:)>

Was this a joke?  I'm not sure if it was deliberate or not.  If so,
I apologize for the correction.

There are two ways to parse this, and neither of them works.  It
depends on if qab is intended as verb or adjective.  If adjective,
we have a broken 'e' construction, because the first sentence isn't
a sentence (doesn't have a main verb).  If it is intended as verb,
we have either the mystery of what an object on a state/property
verb might mean (<shrug> Might mean something), or, more likely, a
word order problem.  In any case, this sentence translates as one of:

"I know that my not-horrible grammar."


"I know that it/he/she is not horrible [to?] my grammar."


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