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Phone message

>From: [email protected] (Amy West)
>Date: Wed, 09 Mar 94 16:31:12 PST

>On Tue  8 Mar 94 22:48, Mark E. Shoulson writes:

>>>if I were just writing it now.. but this was written some time
>>>ago.  I guess "ghum" is OK, but a simple noun for "sound" would
>>>be nice.

>> Well, I didn't use it since it's a new word from the recent HolQeD,
>> but there is QoQ, which is given as "musical sound". Make of it what
>> you will.

>Actually, I think I like "ghum" better, if it can also mean "sound
>which alerts you (to do something)" and not just refer to an
>emergency alarm sound.  I knew about "QoQ" but wouldn't have thought
>of using it.  However, if a Klingon hears and unidentified sound, I
>would still like to know how he would say "What was that

I, too, think "ghum" works really well in this case.  I suppose I could
make some argument that a sound to a Klingon is either musical (QoQ), alarm
(ghum), or speech (QIch), but I don't believe that either.  For your
particular sentence, though, I imagine a Klingon would say "nuq vIQoy
jay'!?" using the usual avoidance of the English bias toward nouns when
verbs will do the trick.  Still, it would be nice to have a general word
for "sound", I expect.


>[email protected]


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