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Re: tlhuH

>From: [email protected] (David Barron)
>Date: Wed, 9 Mar 1994 16:27:51 -0700 (MST)
>Subject: tlhuH
>We have a word for breathe - tlhuH, but for the sake of clearity how
>would one distinguish "inhale" from "exhale"?
>inhale                                 exhale
>'el tlhuH                              juH tlhuH
>'eltlhuH                               juHtlhuH
>tlhuH                                  tlhuHHa'
>'el ghoSbogh tlhuH                     juHbogh tlhuH
>tlhuH 'el                              tlhuH juH
>tlhuH /  tlhuHHa' has some interesting implications. 
>Having done this little exercise I prefer the last suggestions.
>Please note the Play-on-words for "wheeze"  tlhov  ("wheeze" is not 
>listed in the E => K section of TKD)

Actually, tlhuH is also a noun...

tlhuH 'el would be a breath taken in (?), and I would venture to guess
that tlhuH 'elbe' would be a breath not taken in (ie. taken out).  I
doubt there is a good translation for the verb inhale or exhale (I
really don't like the use of juH...).  I think this is another case of
just not thinking Klingon.  I don't think you need specific verbs for
inhale and exhale...


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