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Re: Qaghqoq

Dochmeyvam vIghItlhta':

>>Klingon also has a noun classification scheme, the classes being
>>"speaking beings", "body parts", and "everything else"; they determine
>>pluralization, possessives, and pronoun selection. The special forms
>>for "speaking beings" aren't there to "give respect" to the item being
>>referred to; they're just a feature of the grammar. Using the wrong
>>suffix is, first and foremost, gramatically wrong; it so happens the
>>error in question gives the impression of disrespect to listeners.

jangta' "Guido#1":

>TKD section 3.3.4, pg. 25: "It is *grammatically correct* to use the regular
>possessive suffixes with nouns refering to beings capable of speech (as in
>{puqlIj} /your child/), but such constructions are considered derogatory."

va! qaSDI' ghu'vam "nujwIjDaq qamwIj vIlanpu'" jatlh tera'ngan.

-QumpIn 'avrIn  [email protected]

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