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KLBC: Complex Sentence

>The exercise:
>jIvum jIneHbe'mo' mu'tlheghvam vIghItlh

'IHqu'!  majQa'!!

You did a *superb* job of translating this sentence!  There was one (small) error
in it:  You used the wrong verbal prefix on <neH>:  You needed vIneHbe'mo',
not jIneHbe'mo'.  I believe I mentioned a good example of how to use <neH>
properly this way in my previous posting, but I will explain here as well.

When you use a sentence as an object of <neH>, you still need to use a verb
prefix that has an "it" of the object: vI-, Da-, wI-, etc.  I think of the
tranlsation as (in this case) "... because I don't want <it> that I work."
Note the "it" in there.  "It" isn't really required to understand the
English translation, but it certainly is required in the Klingon.  And what
does "it" refer to?  The entire following sentence: <jIvum>.  This can
be a very difficult idea to grasp, so if you still are not clear on this,
be certain to say so!  If you intended to say "I write this sentence
becasue I don't want to work", then you did a fine job!  majQa' ...Paul!

--HoD trI'Qal

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