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Re: KBLC: Hoghvam


jatlhta'neS Kevin:

SuvwI' quv,

	"Connecticut"Daq jIyIntaH
	wejmaH 'oHtaH Hat
	wa'maH javlogh DISvam peDpu'
	Daq tujDaq jIyIntaH vIneH


jIH je.
"Alabama"Daq jISuchlI' neH.
DuSaQ vImejDI', Quv tujDaq jIjaHnIS je.

Before I give you the English translation for my answer, I would like to
point to Kevin's post as an error-free message.  majQa'!  I would also like
to point to his second and third indented sentences, which are good examples
for beginners on how to use numbers, and also to his final indented
sentence, which shows the correct way to use <neH> with a sentence for an
object.  Please note that he used vI- (I-him/her/it/them) and not jI- for
his verbal prefix on <neH>, and did not use the <'e'> pronoun.  I point all of
this out for beginning students who may be having difficulties with these constr


Me, too.
I am only visiting in Alabama.
When I leave school, I also need to go to a warm place.

--HoD trI'Qal

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