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re: vIH

>I did notice and pay attention to your mention of "both
>directions", and therefore I read the passage from TKD carefully
>to see what it said about them.  And I read the sentence
>beginning "Similarly" as parallel with the foregoing discussion
>about the E-K side: it tells us that the same convention applies
>to the K-E side.  Thus, when the K-E side of the dictionary gives
>     vIH       move, be in motion (v)
>"move" is the key word in the phrase (under which a Terran would
>be likely to search), but the proper translation is "be in
>- marqem

I see your point, but still no sale.  "move" is NOT in any way
keyword for the phrase "be in motion". The same passage gives a
clear example:  headache, have a headache. A keyword, by definition,
is a word which appears in the phrase. This is not a parallel case.
No, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that he did not mean two
related meanings.  In particular, suppose that he *had* meant for
vIH to work either way.  What would his entry look like?  Indeed, it
would look exactly as it looks now.

Again, I am not arguing one way or the other for vIH, I am simply
pointing out that the case is far from clear cut and settled.


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