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re: vIH

marqem says:
> vIjang:
> I did notice and pay attention to your mention of "both
> directions", and therefore I read the passage from TKD carefully
> to see what it said about them.  And I read the sentence
> beginning "Similarly" as parallel with the foregoing discussion
> about the E-K side: it tells us that the same convention applies
> to the K-E side.  Thus, when the K-E side of the dictionary gives
> us
>      vIH       move, be in motion (v)
> "move" is the key word in the phrase (under which a Terran would
> be likely to search), but the proper translation is "be in
> motion".
> - marqem

charghwI' agrees and adds:

     In particular, Okrand refers to two kinds of entries here. One applies
to adjectivally useful verbs, and here, we see that {vIH} fails, because the
adjective is supposed to be listed first, and "move" is not an adjective. The
other is as marqem states. "move" is the word one is most likely to look up,
while "be in motion" is the more accurate listing of the verb. In this case,
"move" really is the same thing as "be in motion" in one sense, so long as
you only accept the intransitive version of "move", hence the oddness of
including the word "move" in both sides of TKD.

     So how many angels CAN dance on the head of a pin?


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