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Re: Including Translations

> Subj:	RE: Including Translations

> >I would suggest writing the tlhIngan Hol, and then some kind of 
> >warning, such as ---ENGLISH TRANSLATION BELOW!!---, and then follow 
> >with the translation.  I'm against double posts of the kind you 
> >suggest, qor, because of the volume of mail I already receive!
> >
> >Holtej
> Another possibility that deserves consideration would be for the
> poster to have the English translation on hand but not post it.
> Those desiring to see it could send private mail and request it--
> presumably after they have taken some time to work through it on
> their own.  It seems to me that this serves the dual goal of keeping
> list traffic down and making people think a little before giving
> them the answer.  {{:-)  I'll admit that it makes a little more work
> for the poster, but we also might gain some stats on how many people
> really *want* the translation.  If posters find they are simply
> deluged with requests for the translation, we could change the
> strategy.  Thoughts?
>                     --Krankor

to'vam muyonmoH


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