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Re: KBTP: cumulative vocabulary?

> >Question for online KBTP participants:
> >    Is there/has anyone thought to compile a "lexicon of terms" for 
> >    translators?  
> I know that Kevin Wilson has discussed this with me already, and there is
> some effort in the works to come up with such a list. 

Good.  I await information regarding such.

> >*DevwI'wI' 'oH joH'a''e', jineHbe' * The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
> *
> Actually, I kind of like the one I posted a few weeks ago better.

Ok, I'll let you like yours if you let me like mine.  I won't argue
("tlhingan jIHbe'").

> "QorghwI'wI'" gets the meaning across better than "DevwI'wI'", or perhaps
> "muQorgh joH'a'".  "'oH" is the wrong pronoun for this: if you're using

Dev, "guide" appeals to me; lacking a 'real' word for shepherd, I chose 
"guide", and you chose "take care"; maybe Ha'DIbaHyuvwI' would be better?  
Lacking a lexicon at work, I forget, doesn't 'roi' for "my shepherd" come 
from watch over?  Maybe something could be constructed to be "overseer?"

> "-wI'" for the possessive, and thus indicating that God is sentient, then
> you'd better use "ghaH", not "'oH".  "want" in the English is an old usage,
But.... *then* it doesn't fit on one line neatly. 

> it doesn't reflect what the original meant.  The usage is really intended
> to convey "lack".  That is, The Lord is my Sheperd, so I lack nothing" (I
> think some versions use this translation.  It's a better one). 

The Klingon all-purpose-greeting "Whaddya-Want!"  makes the neH verb appealing.
I could maybe see "jineHbe'! DevwI'wI' 'oH joH'a''e'!"

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