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Re: Word used by Marnen

>     It is probably not a grammatical requirement, but I find it much easier
>to read such complex sentences if the dependent clauses preceed the main
>clause, unless they are grammatically linked to the subject (like a relative
>clause attached to the subject). It more readily disambiguates whether a noun
>is the subject of one clause or the object of another, and as I go left to
>right, the verb suffixes let me know where all the pieces fit. I could read
>your original sentence, but it took some unscrambling before I could do it.
>If I had heard it instead of read it, I would not have the option of that
>kind of unscrambling without a significant pause.
>     It is probably just a matter of style. Do others agree? Am I strange in
>this preference?

No, you are NOT the only person like that... Anytime someone puts a subordinate 
clause AFTER the main clause, I go "huh?"... until I relaize just what they 
were doing.  Unfortunately, the KD distictly says that a subordinate clause 
(except for those using -meH) can go either place.  (p. 62)

--HoD trI'Qal
  tlhwD lIy So'

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