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Re: Word used by Marnen

>>poH'e' jatlhnISbe'choHmoHbogh Sov SuvwI'na'
>>("A true fighter knows the time which changes to cause him to not speak."  Or 
>>vice versa.)
>Maybe a little metaphorical, but more importantly... you got the word-order
>wrong.  If it's the time that causes him not to speak, then poH'e' has to
>follow jatlhbe'nISchoHmoHbogh (note the -be' ought to negate the jatlh, not
>the -nIS).  Just watching the low-level points...

Oops.  Yes, I did fudge the word order.  (That's my Stupid Mistake(tm) for the 
year... :( )  As for the -be', I put it right where I wanted it, at the time.  
I was thinking "A true warrior knows the time which causes him to change to not 
need to speak.  Putting it after the jatlh may be better though....

--HoD trI'Qal
  tlhwD lIy So'

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