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Scout law /translation

>From: [email protected] (Amy West)
>Date: Mon, 28 Feb 94 19:36:03 PST


>>vIparHa'bej, Amy.  batlh bImughta'.  loQ qaQeS vIneH...
>>>nejwI' 'Ip
>>>quvwIjmo', joH'a'vaD 'ej puHwIjvaD Qu'wIj vIta' 'e' nIDbej
>>                                                     ^^^^
>>Should be "vInIDbej".  I like the quvwIjmo', but it should be
>>"joH'a'vaD puHwIjvaD je".

>I wasn't sure about that, so I took a guess.

Yeah... see, even when you stick type 5 suffixes on them, the nouns remain
nouns, just in a different "case".  So they should be conjoined with noun
conjunctions, so the N N je syntax is what's right.  I can see how it may
be confusing, but "-vaD" doesn't change their noun status.

>>Maybe "latlhpu'" would work well for "others"?  After all, "latlh"
>>isn't a verb or an adjective like it is in English.
>>>porgh HoS, yab ghuS, DataH lugh je vIleH.
>>Not sure "ghuS" is just the right word; it means "ready to launch",
>>like a missile.  A nice image, but maybe not the idea one.  Hmm...
>>something with "ta'rup", ready to act?  Nah...  ghuH is a noun (now
>>there's a weird one, since we have "ghuHmoH" as a verb!)...  I'll

>ghuH is a verb also.. I didn't notice it at first.  
>As a verb it can also mean "prepare for, be alerted" So I think 
>that's OK.

You're right; it was missing from the list I looked at at first, and even
though I double-checked in the dictionary itself, I missed it.  Well



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