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Re: Disagree

     I believe my Captain calls me to duty. vItoy'neS vIneH.

On Oct 15,  9:59pm, Captain Krankor wrote:
> Subject: Re:  Disagree
> "qaQoch" jatlhlu' net chaw' 'e' vIHar.  teHchu' 'e' vISovbejbe', 'ej
> qatlh Qoch naDevvo' nuvpu' 'e' vIyajlaH.  chaq mughghachmey latlh tu'lu',
> 'ach Qap "qaQoch", IMHO.

     I believe that it is permittable for one to say "qaQoch". I do not
undoubtably know that this is true, and I can understand why people from here
disagree. Perhaps one finds other translations, but In My Humble Opinion
"qaQoch" works.

> wej tlhIngan Hol jatlhchu'mo' tlhobwI', jabbI'IDvam mughnISlaw' vay'.
> charghwI', Data' DaneH'a'?

     Because the inquirer does not yet speak the Klingon language clearly, we
apparently need someone to translate this data transmission. charghwI', do
you want to accomplish this?
>                         --HoD Qanqor

                         --Captain Krankor

     I apologise for being so slow to respond. I am honored to have been
requested and will try to catch up on my messages so that I may more speedily
respond in the future. I also hope this does mean I will see more Klingon
coming from my Captain. I will respond in kind as soon as I get a few
insignificant things (for which I am paid in order to buy food and pay rent)
out of the way.


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