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Re: Hos tlhIngan

Sorry to take so long on this, but it's been busy. I'm trying to figure out
what is going on here, so please help me by correcting my translation.

> Subject: Hos tlhIngan
"A Klingon is strong." 

> ramjepDaq jIvum 'ej nISghach vIpoQ
I work at midnight and I require hinderance."?

> wa'leS ghojwI'wIj Ser vIja'nISbej
"I definitely need to tell my student's progress yesterday."?
(The student is apparently incapable of using language. Also, I don't really
understand what you mean by telling the student's progress.)

> vumghachchaj QaQ
"His work is good." (I would have said "QaQ vumghachchaj", since the original
reverse really means "His good work", which isn't really a sentence.)

> wa'maH loS Hu' Hos tlhIngan vISup 
"Fourteen days ago, I jumped a strong Klingon."

> vIparHa' 'ach Qoypo'mey qab 'e' vItu'
"I like it, but I find bad 'Qoypo's." (Lots of problems with this one. The
"'e'" refers to a sentence that isn't there, since "qab" is being used
adjectivally instead of verbally. I suspect it should preceed Qoypo'mey,
assuming it is some kind of noun. I could only find "Qoy" as the verb for "to
hear" and "po'" as "morning" and I can't squash those two together into a
meaningful noun to pluralize. Whatever it is presumably cannot use

> ja'chugghach vI'Ij 'ach vIghItlhlaHBe'

     I'll presume the first word was "ja'chuqghach", since Klingon does not
have a singular "g". Then I get "I listen to the conference, but I can't

> lIHghachvaD chargwI' qatlho'
"I thank you, conquerer, for the introduction."? (Moi? Anyway, I'm curious
about this word order. If "chargwI'" is a proper name and the person to whom
thanks are offered, I would have placed the name first. If "charghwI'" is
just a noun, I can't figure out how it fits into the meaning of this

> jInIDqanglI' 'ach Qatlh
"I'm in the process of being willing to try, but it is difficult."

> vI'IjtaHvIS pa'Daq puqBe'pu' parHa'Be' be'nal'oy
"While I continue to listen over at that place, the dear wife does not like
the girls." (Note the double negative on parHa'Be'. I would have just said
"puqBe'pu' par be'nal'oy." Otherwise you are really saying something like,
"The dear wife does not undo disliking the girls.")

> -- End of excerpt from "Matthew Whiteacre" <>

  -- End of response from "chargwI'"

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