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Re: Klingon font

On Oct 15, 11:13pm, dcctdw@MIT.EDU wrote:
> Subject: Klingon font
> Is there a Postscript font available (preferably via FTP) for the various
> Klingon fonts out there?  

     While I presume others will respond to this, just to make sure... Dr.
Lawrence Schoen has such a font. He should be reading this. He has it for
both Mac and PC and if I remember correctly, he only charges around $12 for
it on diskette. It took a lot of work to create. I know. I've used the
program he used to create it and I could not have accomplished the feat as

     If you can't get a response from him, I'll try to help, but I am not a
reliable source. Keeping things straight is not my forte.

--   charghwI'

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