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The Iliad

I thought I would try to translate someone elses work into tlhIngan
Hol.  I got the first paragraph done, then I decided to try
something other than the Iliad.  Here is what I did complete:

[Achaeans]Daq Do'Ha' qempu' [Achilles] QeH 'e' yIja'neS novbe'
QeHmo' ghe''orDaq ngeHpu' tera'ngan law' yoH 'ej
     QeHmo' qorwI'mey Soppu' SuvwI' law'
jajDaq [Atreus] puqloD [Achilles]'a' je ghoHta'DI' ta'pu' [Jove] mu'mey

Matt Whiteacre

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