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How do you say "Movie"?

>From: Paul J. Clegg <>
>Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1993 12:10:24 -0400
>Content-Length: 562

>I was writing a message to a few friends asking about what we might be doing
>this upcoming weekend, and I wanted to ask "what's the movie this Saturday?"
>Well, none of them know Klingon, so I wasn't too worried about being precise,
>but I thought I'd fly what I did put down for you guys to pick on...

>I wrote:

>nuq ghaHtah jIH'e'?

Well, you certainly threw me badly; at first glance I read something like
"what am I?", and not even correct at that.  Just confusion from the
homograph "jIH"; not your fault.

It doesn't work too well for me, that sort of asks "what's the screen
being?"  How about:

[HaStaDaq] nuq cha'lu'?

"What's being shown (on the visual display)?" "HaSta" might be better than
"jIH", or it might not; I'm not sure.


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