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Klingon Merry Christmas?

>From: (Nick NICHOLAS)
>Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 18:50:08 EDT

>batlh choja', Mark E. Shoulson quv:

>=Perhaps...  I dunno 'bout Christmases, but I've sung "DuQuchmoHjaj qoSlIj"
>=for "Happy birthday", and it fits.

>I *was* proud of myself for coining the Du-moHjaj form; I guess it's our
>common linguistic backgrounds at work here, Mark ;) . But it fits? Not
>according to TKD accentuation (duQUCHmohjaj qOSlij). We could always take
>the copout that Klingon accentuation isn't as rigid as these rules suggest,
>as the TKD itself suggests, but this doesn't really help us.

That's the copout I was using, all right.  You got a problem with it?
Remind me someday to gloss all the prosodic howlers in approximately every
traditional Ashkenazic melody.

>=>Nick "Meri Kurisimasu" Nicholas.

>Nick "Yevanic must have been a really cool language" Nicholas.


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